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Developing the Future Living Environment ®
Mobile Skid and Pre-Fab Site Built Houses

                                                               Who is "ECO-BUILT"® Homes ?  

             Eco-Built Homes is a company devoted to the Research and Development of the future living environment. We have pioneered many new innovations in mobility and energy conservation. We have developed a much more efficient home reduced in size only without losing the quality and comfort expected in a site built home. Our first goals and achievements were ease of mobility, extreme energy efficiency, privacy and the practicality needed for everyday use in a smaller independent structure.

         Providing a comfortable, mobile and  semi-permanent home that can easily be relocated without special trucks or trailers was a challenge. Our homes have a very unique steel skid type “PATENTED” frame system. This new "patented frame" replaces the need for a conventional foundation. Our electronic patented frame system also allows the home to retract into itself to reduce its approx. 16’ width to 8’6” for easier transport. Each home is inspected and approved by the state of Montana to meet or exceed all International residential code requirements for site built housing. Each home far exceeds the energy star rating requirements administered by the federal board of energy conservancy. Our homes are 100% electric no gas needed (unless requested). Our homes use a standard 50amp 220volt plug in. This is sufficient to run in extreme sub-zero temperatures to over 120 degree + heat. Because of the incredible energy efficiency of our homes they are very easily run on solar, wind or other types of alternative energy sources. We offer complete Alternative energy components installed in our homes.

   Our company will continue to expand on our home lines. We have multiple additional patents. We have accomplished our original goals on our first telescoping homes.

    We presently have a 16’ x 16’ home , a 16’ x 20’ home  and a 16’ x 28’ home That   can provide 1,2 or 3 bedrooms as needed on site. All of our homes are 100% residential code compliant
      We have recently added our new energy efficient Pre-Fab Home Line.
homes are designed to be constructed slab on grade. They can be shipped in a 40' container and quickly assembled on site. These homes provide a great replacement for home loss due to disasters.