Facts about an "Eco-Built"® Home

v  "ECO-BUILT"® Homes run on a 50 amp 220Volt plug “no gas ever needed” (standard)

v  The home is built with conventional wood and steel framing methods

v  The wood frame is completely screwed together with torx type screws

v  Neo angle 36” shower with glass doors (standard)

v   Auxiliary forced air toe kick heat in the bath with separate thermostat

v   Full higher end wall coverings throughout to include real oak wainscot hardwood paneling,

v   T & G fir ceiling and a fir 6 panel bathroom door

v   Heat and A/C PTAC unit with cabinet

v   A full hickory kitchen

v  Stainless sink with Faucet pull-out sprayer

v  Swing cabinet for complete utility access

v  2 burner ceramic cooktop, microwave and fridge

v   An insulated THERMOTRUE door with between the glass fully operable blinds

v   20 gal Highly Energy efficient house type hot water heater

v  The home is wired for phone, cable and satellite

v   Roof top wiring and an attaching mount for a dish installed on the home

v   All exterior moldings are aluminum, composite or stainless steel

v   Each home comes with  high quality flooring for extreme durability.

v  The home is insulated with a full fill biodegradable foam thru-out

v  We more than doubled the Energy Star requirements needed.

v  Tested and good in extremes @  30 below to 125+ temperatures

v  We are by far one of the most energy efficient  homes ever built

v  Electronic frame system that retracts the home to half its size with a push of a button

v  When retracted the home is still accessible and usable

v  Skid system is considered and certified as an acceptable, all inclusive, foundation method  

v  Home will withstand a 120 MPH wind without being fastened to the ground

v  Home will withstand a category 5 hurricane with speeds over 180 MPH if properly anchored

v  Complete home (240 sq. ft models) weigh approximatly 7500 lbs., (307 sq. ft models) approximately 10400 lbs.

v  Each home has fork pockets for easy loading with a forklift

v  Pull and anchoring rings on all 4 corners

In comparing an Eco Built® Home to existing living accommodations we have only identified 2 alternatives, a pull type travel trailer or a manufactured home. This is a list of similarities and differences including pricing

Travel trailer pull type

                          The few things in common are:

v  the Square ft. of actual floor space based on a 32’-40' travel trailer

v  the mobility factor

v  compact living

v  supply’s basic living accommodations

v  requires on site utility hook ups

Eco-Built Home verses travel trailer

             The major points are:

v  The Eco-Built® home is built to exceed conventional house type construction therefor its life span is equal to that of a site built home. A travel trailer is more comparable to a motor vehicle or trailer. It has a construction that is much lighter duty and quickly wears out. It has no appreciable value and has a lifespan of less than 10 years.

v  Both require a 50amp 220v plug in. The travel trailers then require propane gas to heat and cook with. An "Eco-Built home because of its extreme energy efficiency does not require any gas it runs solely and completely on the 50 amp 220v electric supply.

v  The Eco-Built® home is designed for a more long term temporary or permanent housing. A travel trailer is by design meant for short term seasonal living.

v  The Eco-Built® home is 100% IRC code compliant inspected and approved by the state of Montana. We can locate our homes in any place a residential home is accepted, provided there are no specific covenants as to size restrictions etc. A travel trailer could never be residential code compliant because of its construction. It is on permanent wheels and falls under a completely different set of standards. It is titled like a motor vehicle not a home. This restricts the use of a travel trailer as a residence. In most states there are laws restricting living in an recreational vehicle for example:

v   CONDITIONS (LCC 937.110): A recreational vehicle unit which is designed to provide temporary accommodations for recreational, camping or travel use shall not be occupied in any zoning district for a period exceeding 120 days per calendar year. A recreational vehicle shall not be allowed to be used for a residence. No placement permit is required for and will not be issued for the onsite use of a recreational vehicle. No connection to septic, power or water shall be permitted unless the recreational vehicle is serving as shelter to an applicant who has obtained a building permit for an authorized dwelling and is in the process of constructing or making major repairs to that dwelling. In such case, the 120 day limit shall remain in effect.

v  Eco-Built® homes require no skirting and have a main floor height of approx. 12” off the ground. A travel trailer has a main floor height that exceeds 36”

v  Because of Eco-Built homes low profile we can withstand category 5 hurricane force winds, a travel trailer is top heavy and would quickly sustain dangerous damage at category 2



unloaded and placed on the ground as a code compliant manufactured home!

Manufactured homes

                   The things in common are:

v  Eco-Built® Homes are inspected, stamped and approved as a manufactured home.

v  Both are designed for sustained longer term living accommodations.

v  Both are constructed with conventional materials, methods and furnishings.

v  Both can be considered a long term investment with a good resale value.

v  Both can be placed in a community and accepted as a permanent dwelling.

Eco-Built home verses manufactured home

v  Our construction is superior to that of a typical manufactured home.

v  Typical manufactured homes are designed to be moved 1 time; an Eco-Built® Home is designed to be moved easily many times at half its size.

v   To move a manufactured home it requires a crane, special trucks and permits. The ECO-Built® Homes moves easily with a pick up and trailer, a flatbed Semi, forklift.

v  When delivered a manufactured home requires extensive set up to include foundation, skirting, interior seam taping, Roofing, etc.

v  The ECO-Built® home has its own steel skid type foundation, can set directly on the ground just needs leveling with blocks. It has a green treated plywood underbelly and does not require any skirting or additional outside work. It has a unique seal method that includes wiper seals and closures that work in any position opened or closed and require no additional work inside or out.

     A few comps unfortunately without pricing. It is uncommon to find a price listed  for manufactured  homes. Again to explain why I include them is their one of the closes things in the existing market to our homes. The main things in common are their size and they are designed to live in.

Park Model Homes (RV'S)

  Park Model homes however are at least 11’ wide and 13’ 6” tall. They are not designed to be conveniently moved. They are usually 100 amp service or require gas. They are designed for warmer weather and yet are only rated to stay cool in 85 degree weather or less. They are certainly not designed to withstand extreme weather such as high wind, cold etc.





There is one market that has become relevant recently, at present it is a novelty yet it is thriving within its  following. We have been praised by many of their followers so we will make mention of the    

            “Tiny House" market.  http://www.tumbleweedhouses.com/products/cypress

 A final statement for valuation;

      There are many small homes or structures that have and are being built and marketed. We believe the Eco-Built® Home is far superior and certainly unique to anything else on the market. They all have the basic things in common such as accommodations and furnishings. Our homes are furnished with a higher end interior. Our homes include a 36” wide neo angle shower with glass doors and auxiliary forced air toe kick heat in the bath with separate thermostat. Full higher end wall coverings throughout, T & G ceiling and a fir 6 panel bathroom door. Heat and A/C PTAC unit with cabinet, a full hickory kitchen with a 2 burner cooktop, microwave and fridge, A half glass in the door with blinds. This home would also include a 20 gal hot water heater. The home is wired for phone, cable and satellite with roof top wiring and an attaching mount for a dish installed on the home. Just to build a home of higher quality in a smaller space causes a higher cost per square ft.     

      We understand the buyers of our homes would have a special use in mind such as the mobility factor, the extreme energy efficiency, all electric or the light footprint etc. The extra cost of an Eco-Built® Home is insignificant compared to the value of being able to reduce the home with a push of a button to half its size for transport. There is a premium paid for our technology and broad industry application. Yet we are still very competitively priced considering our quality and ease of mobility. Because we have multiple "Patents" for our retractable skid frame design. There is nothing in the market anywhere in the world like an Eco-Built® Home. 


Developing the Future Living Environment®